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 Let's understand ourselves more deeply for our family, friends and business.
- For your life from now on-

 What is Naikan?

 The Naikan is a method to help individuals to understand themselves by looking into their past actions and experiences. It is the training of "Awareness." For whoever aims to become a businessman, scholar, politician, or an artist, he will find the method to realize his dream.

 Moreover, your mind will become richer through the training of "Awareness," and you will come to love others and nature more.
 The ultimate part of "Awareness" is realization, and the representatives are the Buddha and Christ.

 If you doesn't understand yourself, "Awareness" is impossible.
 Naikan is a rational system of self-examination.

 It achieves an increases in "Awareness," when training is done repeatedly, and it also brings a rich life.

 The basic idea of Naikan is to reflect about your relationships with people close to you. For example, the relationship with your parents, grandparents, or siblings. Your memories should focus upon the following three questions:

  -What have others done for you?
  -What have you done for them in return?
  -What troubles or difficulties have you caused others?
 Based on the above three questions, you can discover more about yourself.
 Naikan is useful in various fields now.

 You are sure to increase "Awareness" by experiencing Naikan in the concentrated training of one week.