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About the Institute

HAKONE GORA Naikan Retreat Center

HAKONE GORA Naikan Retreat Center(The Kensho Villa), at an elevation of 600 meters, is a quiet place surrounded by ancient trees and natural stones. It was built in 1935 as a mountain villa for a nephew of the Meiji Emperor.
In 1957, the villa became the property of Nippon Express, which made it into a retreat for executives and employees, and in 2019 it was renovated as the Norimasa Building of the Kensho Naikan Retreat Center. The site has beautiful gardens, and a spectacular view of Myojogatake.

Hakone National Park Naikan Institute (Temporarily closed)
The Hakone Naikan Institute was opened in March 2002. Surrounded by the Hakone National Park and to be near Mt. Fuji, the Hakone Naikan Institute offers an excellent environment for quiet meditation.

The Hakone Naikan institute consists of two buildings for a total capacity for 27 individuals.

All meals as well as room accommodations are included in the Naikan meditation fee.